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Glass & Window Care

glass & window careWindow Cleaning & Maintenance

glass & window careWindow Cleaning
& Maintenance

Here at Sonshine Services, we effectively combined Home Maintenance and Window Cleaning, yet another exclusive service offered through us. We have customized Home Maintenance and Window Cleaning plans to meet your cleaning objectives. Because we carry our general contractor’s licence, we are able to serve needs well beyond your typical window cleaning company.

Our Glass Care Specialists are also Service Technicians, qualified to provide additional services that extend well beyond glass care and restoration. Because we are a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractor, we have many services, digital instruments and testing equipment to assist with other needs you may have. We love helping our customers and we are very proud of our Technicians. Let us know how we can not only care for your glass, but your entire property!

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glass & window restorationRestoration

glass & window restorationRestoration

Unfortunately, water in the Tri-Cities, even city water, leaves unsightly minerals on the glass and is costly to replace. However, we have Hard Water Removal (HWR) Specialists on staff equipped with automatic equipment and top-grade cleaning chemicals to restore glass, typically, 15-20% of replacement!

If someone thinks they are helping ‘wash’ your windows with a garden hose, tell them to STOP! Once the water evaporates, the minerals etch into the glass. Over time, they build to a level that becomes very obvious, irreversible, and the only option is expensive replacement. However, if our Techs can get to it soon enough, we can usually save the glass and save you money. We’ve restored hundreds of panes of glass, saving our customers thousands of dollars.

When you’re ready to set up a maintenance plan to keep your glass and property sharp is needed or you need our Hard Water Removal Specialists on site to return the beauty to the glass while protecting the bottom line, we’d love to help.

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shower door restoration & sealingShower Door Restoration & Sealing

shower door restoration & sealingShower Door Restoration
& Sealing

Most folks fall in love with their glass shower doors…..until they realize they can’t clean them! Calcium and other hard minerals find their way into the glass surface at a molecular level and are near impossible to clean unless you have the proper equipment and know how.

We annually restore shower doors much less than replacement and the shower is back in service within 24 hours of our treatment. Don’t settle for disgusting when we can make it beautiful again and apply a treatment to help it stay that way!

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